Ever wonder what happens at a breakfast with a veteran

So have you?

Well here are a few pictures of what is happening at a breakfast.

Here is some of the food and maybe custom order stuff, maybe. thanks to our awesome auxiliary we have a raffle every breakfast and the winner is announced after. I am not quite sure who these two guys are although I can only assume they are two of the most awesome people here.

Here are two members of the honor guard having some breakfast before they head off to a ceremony. There were many more here as well filling up.

We had a surprise visit from the Hamburglar. Not sure how often this will happen, it was fun.

There is always a flow of people coming and going so you never know who you will meet or who you will reconnect with, It’s always an awesome group of people.

Oh yeah were you wondering about bringing your kids? Well bring them, there are many families here. You may not see them in the photos but they are here, some are just too fast to catch.

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